Vertical Freezing and Melting Freezing and Melting Freezer Freezing and Melting Freezer with Antifreeze Film

APPLICATION of zeltiq Coolsculpting Therapy Slimming Machine1. Fat reduce, loss weight, Body Slimming2. Soften hard fat tissue, break up lipocyte3. Strengthen and tighten skin, Body Shaping4. Freeze fat , cellulite removalADVANTAGES of zeltiq Coolsculpting Therapy Slimming Machine1.Applicators, two handle size is optional:B

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APPLICATION of zeltiq Coolsculpting Therapy Slimming Machine
1. Fat reduce, loss weight, Body Slimming
2. Soften hard fat tissue, break up lipocyte
3. Strengthen and tighten skin, Body Shaping
4. Freeze fat , cellulite removal
Vertical Cryolipolysis Cryotherapy Lipo Cryo Machine Cryolipolysis with Antifreeze Membrane

ADVANTAGES of zeltiq Coolsculpting Therapy Slimming Machine
1.Applicators, two handle size is optional:
Big Handle: L192 X W65 X D70mm
Middle Handle: L146 X W62 X D70mm
Materials of all handles is Medical Silicone, the arc shape design, perfect fit treatment area
2. Four Air Pumps
Four air pumps support four applicators working synchronously,
With prefect stability, keep 50% vacuum to do perfect and comfortable treatment
3.Four Applicators Working synchronously
Four applicators can work simultaneously.
So you can treat the entire abdomen in one treatment, greatly save you and your clients' time.
4. High Quality Material & OEM service
Noble Laser machine comes with metal outer cases, coated with high quality paint.
Your logo could be posted on equipment case, the out case color is also be customizable according to pantone.
Vertical Cryolipolysis Cryotherapy Lipo Cryo Machine Cryolipolysis with Antifreeze Membrane
5. Touch Screen on Each Applicator
Flexible Settings ,You can control the pressure, temperature at any time.
3.5 inch color touch screen synchronous control with 8.4 inch touch screen
Precise cooling temperature control , error less than 0.5 ºC
6.Flexible Settings
You can control the pressure, temperature at any time.
3.5 inch color touch screen synchronous control with 8.4 inch touch screen
7. Strong Semiconductor Cooling System
Semiconductor cooling also ba called as peltier module, the peltiers be divided
TEC 1~6, most of manufacturer adopt TEC1, Noble Laser adopt TEC2, with strong cooling and long lifetime. - Every handle with 4 peltier modules

8. OEM Friendly
Add you logo on screen on machine case.
Add you logo on the screen
Design the machine color
 Specification of zeltiq Coolsculpting Therapy Slimming Machine
Model8.4 /10.4 inch color touch screen
Power≤ 500w
Interface control mode
Respectively startup or shutdown negative pressure and coolsculptingsystem, Sounds and indicator flash when shutdown coolsculpting
Safty controlReal-time online check for coolsculptingtempreture and vacuum
Output degree-10° C~ 15° C
Cooling device output pressure0-100Kpa
Operating voltage110V/220V ± 10%, 50/60Hz, 12A
Q: When will I see results?
A: You may start to see changes as quickly as three weeks after your treatment, and will experience the most dramatic results after two months. But your body will still flush out fat cells and continues doing so for up to four to six months after treatment.
Q: Does this treatment should use anaesthesia?
A: no, it doesn't use anaesthesia, you only use the anti-freezing membrane.
Q: Your machine have two or four handles in one machine, does it reduce the power?
A: no, it doesn't reduce the power. The machine no matter with 2 handles or with 4 handles, we all install the system and the vacuum pump with the equal quantity, 2 handles, 2 systems, 2 vacuum pumps; 4 handles, 4 systems, 4 vacuum pumps. That is to say, our machine with 4 handles have the equal treatment effect comparing with the machine have one handle.
Q: There will be what happens after treatment?
A: Treatment of redness, there may be bruising, but will subside in 1~2 weeks
The Coolsculptinglipolysis procedure is completely non-invasive, which allows immediate return to normal activities such as work or exercise. Redness may appear in the treated area, and may last from a few minutes to a few hours. Some localized bruising or swelling may occur, which clears within a few weeks. Many patients experience a temporary dulling of sensation in the treated area, lasting one to eight weeks. 

Why choose our coolsculptinglipolysis slimming machine: 
we own our own professional R&D team and supporting facilities , can track distributors' idea and make it real in a very short time, including the hardware, software and products appearance etc. 
4 working days leading time guarantee customers got the machine soon
Noble Laser have more than 25 years of experience in the medical and beauty devices
All of our engineers have more than 21 years experience ,we can offer Strong technical support and track your requirements very well.
All of our machines got medical CE approved, all the production process is strictly according to ISO13485.

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