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2022-11-16 11:35:30 By : Ms. Lucky Zhang

Snow this evening will mix with rain at times late. Low 32F. Winds ENE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precip 100%. About one inch of snow expected..

Snow this evening will mix with rain at times late. Low 32F. Winds ENE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precip 100%. About one inch of snow expected.

Q: I have seen your columns about the AOGNY skin tightening machine and what it did for your jawline and under your chin. Have you tested any other models and how do they stack up? Do you use the AOGNY anywhere else besides the face? Are there other applications?

A: Before I answer your question I will start with a refresher on RF skin tightening.

Skin becomes loose as people age because the body produces less collagen. This leads to drooping skin and wrinkles, most obviously on the face. RF skin tightening is a clinically proven method that uses RF (radio frequency) energy to heat up the skin underneath the surface to stimulate the production of collagen, which tightens the skin and smooths over wrinkles.

RF skin tightening is available from home machines and as well as dermatologists (at a much higher cost for the latter). It also works for removing stretch marks. Two interchangeable probes are provided with the AOGNY: a small one for the face and a larger one for the body.

As you have noted, what pleased me the most is the way it pulled the skin up under my chin and gave me a more defined jawline. Once I hit my 50s, I thought I was stuck with a saggy look there forever unless I got cosmetic surgery, something I never considered for many reasons.

When I discovered an inexpensive, safe and easy way to improve this I was definitely on board. After I started using the AOGNY I also started getting complements on the overall appearance of my skin. This happened before the lifting effects were readily apparent.

Most notably, about three weeks after I started, I visited my sister after not seeing her for several months. She was pretty enthusiastic about how my skin looked and told me immediately, and at that point in time she did not know I was using the machine.

It took months of using the machine for 20 minutes every three days to get the results I wanted, but now that I am there I am not quite as rigid about the treatment schedule. As long as I get in two 20-minute sessions per week (at least three days apart) I am happy. Because I now have the finished result it makes it difficult to evaluate other machines because I won’t really know what they are doing under the surface.

There are certainly other good machines out there, but given my good experience with the AOGNY it has been a safe recommendation for me to make. I have heard from readers who have tried it and the majority were pleased, and I have had friends and family purchase the machine after seeing what it did for me.

If I can find a small and affordable machine for travel purposes I will likely give it a try, as continuing the maintenance is important enough to me that I pack the machine if I am going away for more than five days. The AOGNY is not heavy, but it is relatively bulky and not really meant to travel. Still, I put it in a repurposed cloth shopping bag and tuck it into my large suitcase, surrounded by soft clothes to protect it as it gets moved around.

Despite inflation they have held the line on price. The AOGNY skin tightening machine sells for $369 on Amazon, and there is often a $30 checkbox coupon available. There are now a few AOGNY consumer video reviews and tutorials on Amazon and they are worth viewing to learn more about RF skin tightening.

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